BP 3050

Pulverizer attachments for excavators - Our concrete pulverizers are machines that crushes demolished material between one fixed and one moving jaw to reduce the particle size and to separate iron from other material. We have two main categories of pulverizers the bulk pulverizers and the demolition pulverizers.

DP hydraulic concrete pulverizers for excavators - Our DP demolition pulverizers are conceived first and foremost for demolition of concrete and rebar, but also ideally combine the characteristics of a demolition attachment with an excavator material pulverizer.

Hydraulic bulk pulverizer BP 3050
  • Carrier weight class ¹: 25 t - 40 t
  • Service weight ²: 3,100 kg
  • Jaw opening: 1,020 mm
  • Jaw depth: 650 mm
  • Blade length: 190 mm
  • Cutting force - upper blades: 365 t
  • Crushing force, jaw tip: 115 t
  • Operating pressure: 350 bar
  • Oil flow: 250 l/min - 350 l/min
  • Closing cycle: 2.7 Seconds
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