Compaction Plates

Hydraulic compactors are designed to cope with a broad range of applications. Soil, hollow and slope compression, as well as pulling out and driving in posts and formwork are the primary areas of application of the product range.

Compactors as accessory units: more power, better progression of work.

The excavator load is transferred partially to the vibrating plate. Thus the weight of the carrier machine accelerates the compacting process, so allowing greater chute heights to be processed.

Compactors as accessory units: quieter and safer.

Accessory units create less noise than a manually operated compactor. This is a great advantage in terms of safety, particularly when used in ditches: nobody has to stand directly in the workspace any more.

Compactors as accessory units: reduction in harmful vibration for the operator.

The operator is not affected by the vibration of the working device. The operator is subject to a constant load when using a manually operated device.

Faster and more flexible thanks to an endless slewing gear:

An optional endless slewing gear facilitates positioning on tricky terrain. Even areas of the terrain which are hard to access can be reached more easily. The productivity of the compactor can be enhanced considerably using this slewing gear.

Maintenance-free thanks to "PermanentLube"

The compactor is practically maintenance-free thanks to the permanent bearing lubrication device fitted as standard. So having to interrupt work for manual lubrication and failures due to a lack of lubrication are all things of the past.

Impressive technical features:

  • Integrated throughflow and pressure control
  • Hydraulic system requires no pressureless tank return
  • Flexible application thanks to the use of standard adapter plates and quick-change systems
  • Interchangeable vibrating plate (HC 920, HC 2040, HC 2041)

Possible application:

  • Hollow, soil and slope compression
  • Driving in formwork, sheet pile profiles, posts, etc.
  • Pulling out formwork, sheet pile profiles, posts, etc.

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