Hydraulic Hammers

Light Weight Series

What makes the Atlas Copco SB breakers so unique is the Solid Body concept, which integrates the percussion mechanism and guide system into one single block of steel. This unique design makes these breakers extremely compact and easy to handle and it also yields a weight reduction of 20% compared to other breaker types. It is true that SB stands for Solid Body concept, but in fact it actually means lower cost of ownership for users.

Thanks to this concept, the uncontested benefits of the SB breakers are reliability, flexibility, high productivity and low maintenance.

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Medium Weight Series

Atlas Copco´s MB breakers keep lifecycle costs down. Often, these costs are not seen as an important element, but they are: 2/3 of the lifecycle cost of a breaker being made up of factors such as energy & fuel consumption, operator cost and service & maintenance cost.
MB breakers can help you in achieving lower lifecycle costs, and a positive effect on your bottom line. And that´s got to be to everyone´s taste!

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Heavy Weight Series

The percussive performance to weight ratio of Atlas Copco HB breakers is significantly better than their predecessors. Due to the HB breakers´s high percussive performance to weight ratio, smaller carriers can be used, which can result in fewer investments and a lower cost of ownership.
The carrier generates the hydraulic input power which is reflected in fuel consumption. The greater the operational efficiency of the breaker, the lower your energy and fuel costs.

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